25K Giveaway - Day 2

First off, congratulations to ahbilashtalkies for winning yesterday’s giveaway!

As a thank you to everyone who has so graciously followed and supported this blog, I’d like to do a week of giveaways. Each day you’ll have the opportunity to win (at least) one featured square, so keep an eye on this blog for updates.

To refresh:

Rules are simple:

1) Be one of the first 25 to re-blog this post (only guy to reblog? you win!);

2) Be randomly selected by me*; and

3) Respond to my private message with your name and address (all information will be deleted once the square is sent)**.

That’s it. So long as you live in the US*** I will ship this square out to you free of charge with no restrictions. Wear it, burn it, trade it, sell it - it’s yours. 

Today’s square features red and blue dots on a light green background, with light blue trim and hand-rolled edges. Depending on how you wear it this color scheme will take you right through Fall.

Good luck!

*Only one winner per Tumblr account (you’re done, abhilashtalkies!).

**Please remember to have the “ask” or fan mail function enabled on your blog so I can contact you, otherwise I will have to move on and pick a new winner

***Live outside the States? feel free to participate, if you win and want the square just pay for shipping at whatever level you prefer.